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Alcohol dependence
Allergies and Asthma
Arthritis/Joint pain
Back pain
Bladder/Kidney problems
Childhood illnesses/Infections
Gynecological disorders
High blood pressure
Immune system deficiency
Knee pain
Neck pain/Stiffness
Numbness/Poor circulation
Pre-Menstrual Syndrome
Sexual dysfunction/Impotence
Shoulder pain
Skin problems/Shingles
Smoking cessation
TMJ/Jaw pain

What is acupuncture?
What happens during the treatment?
How long will it take? What can I expect?
Are the needles painful?
Are the needles safe?
Can I get insurance coverage for the treatments?

Q. What is acupuncture?

A. Acupuncture originated in China more than 3000 years ago and due to its proven effectiveness, it has been embraced throughout the world. Acupuncture is practiced alongside Western medicine in most hospitals in modern China. It is an integral part of the discipline of Traditional Oriental Medicine, which includes herbology, acupressure, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle counseling. Oriental and Western medicine complement each other and can be integrated to offer optimal health care.

Q. What happens during the treatment?

A. On your first visit, we'll begin by talking about your health history and the condition for which you are seeking treatment. We'll also discuss your general health to find out if there is any reason acupuncture would not be appropriate. We'll ask a number of questions that will give us a picture of your body's constitution, your lifestyle, and a history of any problems or illness.

Next, we'll look at your tongue and feel the pulse. Both of these are important assessment tools in Oriental Medicine. After that you'll lie on a table, much like those used for massage. If you wear loose fitting clothing, it is usually not necessary to remove more than your shoes and socks.

The treatment, which most people find calming and relaxing, begins by placing a few sterile, disposable needles in points on your body. They are left in for 15-20 minutes to maximize their effectiveness, then they are removed and disposed of in a biohazard container.

Q. How long will it take? What can I expect?

A. The number of treatments will depend on your condition. It could vary from two to twelve sessions, depending on whether your condition is chronic or acute, and on your general physical vitality.

Acupuncture treatments may also include a variety of non-needle techniques, such as heat lamp, acupressure or Tuina, Gua Sha, electrical stimulation and cupping.

Q. Are the needles painful?

A. You'll probably feel very little when the needles are inserted. As a matter of fact, most people leave the treatment quite relaxed because of the unique way the treatment stimulates the nervous system.

Q. Are the needles safe?

A. Yes! Only pre-sterilized, disposable needles are used. The points on your body are swabbed with alcohol to ensure they are disinfected before the needles are inserted.

Q. Can I get insurance coverage for the treatments?

A. Insurance companies vary in their coverage. Please ask us any questions you may have about your specific insurance policy.