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Alcohol dependence
Allergies and Asthma
Arthritis/Joint pain
Back pain
Bladder/Kidney problems
Childhood illnesses/Infections
Gynecological disorders
High blood pressure
Immune system deficiency
Knee pain
Neck pain/Stiffness
Numbness/Poor circulation
Pre-Menstrual Syndrome
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Shoulder pain
Skin problems/Shingles
Smoking cessation
TMJ/Jaw pain

Electrodermal Energetic Computerized Testing
Oriental Herbology
Bioset Allergy Elimination Technique
Physical Therapy
Gua Sha
Tuina (twee nah)
Auricular Therapy
Ceramic Lamp Therapy (TDP)
Acupressure Facial Rejuvenation


Acupuncture is a medical system that has been used to diagnose, treat and prevent illness for over 23 centuries. Acupuncture can remedy acute or chronic ailments, relieve pain, enhance recuperative powers, and strengthen the immune system. In an Oriental medicine assessment, your practitioner will diagnose, or differentiate, your condition with a thorough examination which will include an interpretation through medical history, pulse, and tongue diagnosis.


Your practitioner may also use the following adjunct techniques within your session:

Moxabustion (heat), Gua Sha (scraping), Cupping (suction), Auricular Therapy (ear acupuncture), or electrical stimulation.

Electrodermal Energetic Computerized Testing


Electrodermal testing is an advanced, computerized procedure that provides extraordinary insights about health.

It can help you and your practitioner find the right solution for many types of health problems and conditions. It has been engineered to make electrical measurements on the hands and feet to interact with the computer (These are the same points that are used for acupuncture). A broad range of information can be assessed including reactions to foods, the environment, and internal functioning.

This information is then used to make adjustments that restore health. Call our office and ask our staff to send you a free brochure giving more information.

Oriental Herbology

Ancient Chinese herbal formulas are as effective now as they were when first introduced more than 2,000 years ago. Most formulas consist of two to eighteen different types of herbs. Formulas treat a wide variety of symptoms while stimulating the body's natural healing process. Hospital studies giving individualized complex herbal formulas have demonstrated excellent results with patients who fail to respond to conventional pharmaceutical treatments.

Modern techniques can transform formulas into pills, capsules, granules or tinctures to make them easier and more convenient to ingest. Chinese Herbology is considered most safe and effective when prescribed by a qualified practitioner of Oriental Medicine.

Bioset Allergy Elimination Technique

BioSET® (Bio Energetic Sensitivity and Enzyme Therapy) is a revolutionary process of healing which assists in building bodily strength and vitality. It encourages homeostasis, well being, and rejuvenation. Dr. Ellen Cutler created BioSET after many years of study and research. Please go to www.bioset.net for more information.

Physical Therapy

We are associated with Creative Therapeutics, a physical therapy group who specialize in holistic physical therapy. For more information go to www.wholept.com.


This is a method of stimulating acupuncture points by applying suction through a metal, wood or glass jar, in which a partial vacuum has been created. This technique produces blood flow at the site, and therefore stimulates it. Cupping may leave marks called petechiae similar to a "Hickey" or a bruise but not painful. This usually disappears in about a week. Cupping is very useful in musculo-skeletal problems, asthma, and many other conditions.

Gua Sha

Gua (gwa), meaning to scrape or extract and Sha (shaw), meaning sand or toxins.

It is a traditional ancient Chinese healing technique that dates back over two thousand years.

This is ancient method of promoting Qi (chee) or bioelectric vital life energy, blood circulation and removal of toxic heat, stagnant blood and lymph fluid from the body.
Gua sha is useful in treating chronic pain, colds and flu's. The method of applying Gua Sha involves the layering of Gua Sha oil on the skin. This oil is enhanced either with healing herbs or essential oils chosen to aid the extraction of toxic waste. The skin is then scraped in the area of discomfort or at times on the entire body using a specific Gua Sha tool depending on whether the treatment is for physical or emotional healing. Gua Sha treatments are not painful. Areas of petechiae may surface, depending on the severity of the stagnation of qi, blood and toxins.

Tuina (twee nah)

Tuina is a form of Chinese body work. It incorporates acu-point stimulation as well as deep tissue manipulation.

It is well suited for the treatment of specific musculoskeletal disorders and chronic stress-related disorders.

Tuina (tui na) is not especially useful for those seeking a mild, sedating and relaxing massage since it tends to be more task focused than other types of bodywork.


There are many ways to stimulate acupuncture points. An effective therapy for moving Qi and blood is using electricity on points.

Electro-stimulation is not a painful procedure. For infants and patients who may be uncomfortable with needles it is a good alternative.

Electricity on needles is a common technique and is used for various conditions including facial rejuvenation.

Auricular Therapy

All systems of acupuncture began with the original Chinese medical text, the Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine, compiled in 500 B.C.

In this text, all six yang meridians were said to be directly connected to the auricle, whereas the six yin meridians were indirectly connected to the ear by their corresponding yang meridian.

The whole body is represented on the ear and all parts of the body can be treated with the ear.

Auricular therapy can include; magnets, needles, or electrical stimulation. It has become very popular for addiction therapy focusing on smoking cessation.

Ceramic Lamp Therapy (TDP)

TDP stands for for Teding Diancibo Pu which translates to "special electromagnetic spectrum" lamp. The TDP lamps are similar to far infrared lamps, but they are not the same.

TDP lamps create mineral infrared waves that treat numerous ailments, a few common ones being back pain, shoulder pain, joint pain and arthritis.
Unlike other conventional far infrared lamps, except for the support stand and the heater a TDP lamp contains a curing plate. The curing plate, the key component for a TDP lamp, is coated with a proprietary mineral formation consisting of 33 elements essential to the human body. When the curing plate is heated to a certain temperature, it emits unique bio-spectrum electromagnetic waves in 1-25 microns allowing for a maximum absorption into the human body. The absorbed energy promotes microcirculation and metabolism, strengthens the immune system, and achieves short and long-term pain relief. TDP lamps are widely used on pain relief.

Acupressure Facial Rejuvenation

Learn hands-on the acupressure techniques that have been used for thousands of years in China to keep the skin looking young and healthy. Learn techniques to minimize lines and lift the face. The instructor will show you how to find these acupressure points and a routine that you can use everyday to keep looking young.